London Child Sweater CAL #1

I love cabled sweaters, but sometimes the cabling is just too much! For this sweater, I created a cable only on the yoke, for a simple braided look. With thicker yarn, this sweater works up in no time flat, so it’s a perfect last minute gift for that special little one! Be sure to look out for the adult version, as well, and you can make one for the whole family! Don’t want to wait for the weekly CAL? Get yours on Ravelry or Etsy NOW!

If you are looking for the perfect sweater with texture and interest, then welcome! You’re in the right place! The Sunshine Puff Sweater is a delightful sweater that you’ll want to wear forever. This is a yoke top sweater, so there’s no seaming – absolutely no sewing at all.  It’s made mostly of single crochets and treble crochets, with intervening puff stitches, so it’s a fun pattern that works up pretty fast! Buy it now on ETSY or RAVELRY!!

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Long Loop Toddler Skirt Set

The skirt I think is my favorite piece of the set. It’s light and airy, and perfect for summer and spring. It has lots of big holes for air, but still covers a diaper or little undie, and it flounces very prettily when your little one runs around! It’s very intricate, and that’s why I paired it with a plainer tee-shirt in the designs.  

If your little girl is anything like mine, she is constantly on the move. I really wanted to make a skirt that would emphasize movement, and I think I achieved it. The extra flounce of this skirt is just right – a circle skirt would become too heavy for an active child, and a straight skirt wouldn’t allow for much movement. I think this may technically be called a flared skirt, but don’t hold me to that!

Get the skirt pattern HERE!