Darling Duckling – Free Amigurumi Pattern!

Hey! Spring here! It’s my birthday today, and as my gift to all of you I’m not only starting to blog again, but I’m also giving you. TWO FREE PATTERNS!! This. first pattern is an adorable duckling amigurumi. Should be super easy for any level crocheter. Now, this pattern hasn’t been tested, so if you have any questions or if you see an error, please please please, don’t hesitate to say something! Also, it’s my first attempt at writing a pattern for anyone but myself, so if something is unclear, again, say something! 😀

I first conceived of this pattern for a duckling lovey set that I was creating. I found duckling patterns, but either it was just a duck head for a lovey topper, or it was a crochet-flat-and-seam toy, which wasn’t what I was interested in. I found one or two amigurumi ducklings, but they were pay patterns, and if you’re anything like me, you prefer to spend your money on yarn. So, dear reader, I made my own duckling.

I used half-double crochets to elongate the body and make it duck-shaped, while keeping the integrity of the amigurumi, and it seems to have worked. My two-year-old has been playing and sleeping with a thicker-yarn version of it for weeks, and it’s one of her favorites! What I also like about this duckling is that except for the beak, it’s all one piece. There’s no seaming, no sewing a head to a body, and only two ends to weave in! Oh, and the neck is the perfect size to get her little toddler hands around to take it everywhere with her – you can see he’s gotten a little fuzzy from so much use! That’s normal for this yarn, I’ve recently discovered, but you can choose a yarn that isn’t so prone to piling, like maybe a blanket yarn or a velvet!

So, to start, lets go over hooks and yarns. I used Red Heart yellow yarn and a 4mm hook for the smaller yellow one, and some premier chunky yarn and a 6mm hook for the white duckling. Both ducklings have an orange Red Heart beak, but again using a 4mm and a 6 mm hook to account for the size difference. Both ducks were made with scrap yarn, so I don’t know exactly how much it used, but it wasn’t much! I used safety eyes for the white duckling and black yarn eyes for the yellow one. After using safety eyes for a few projects, I have to say I much prefer them to making yarn eyes, but that’s just a personal preference, and for safety when making a toy for a baby, you really should stick with yarn eyes.

So, without further ado, here’s the pattern!

  1. Magic circle, ch1, 6sc in ring, ss to first sc. (6)
  2. (Do not ch1) 2sc in each sc.  Do NOT ss here or throughout. (12)
  3. *Sc 1, 2 sc in next st* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times. (18)
  4. *Sc 2, 2 sc in next st* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (24)
  5. Sc in each sc around (24)
  6. Sc in each sc around (24)
  7. *Sc in sc 2x, sc2tog*. Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (18)
  8. *Sc in sc, Sc2tog* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (12) – If adding safety eyes, add between rows 4 and 5, and stuff firmly.
  9. Sc2tog 6 times (6)
  10. 2 sc in each sc (12)
  11. Sc in ea st for 6 sts, (sc, hdc) in next st, (2hdc/st) for next 4 sts, (hdc, sc) in next st (18)
  12. Sc in ea st for 8 sts, hdc, (2hdc/st) for the next 6 sts, hdc, sc, sc (24)
  13. Sc in ea st for 9 sts, hdc, hdc, 2hdc in next st, hdc, (2hdc/st) for the next 4 sts, hdc, 2hdc in next st, hdc, hdc, 1sc/sc for the next 3 sts (30)
  14. Sc in ea st for 14 sts, hdc, 2hdc in next st, hdc, 2hdc/st for 2 sts, hdc, 2hdc in next st, hdc, sc in ea st for 8 sts (34)
  15. Sc in ea st for 18 sts, hdc, 2hdc/st for next 2 sts, hdc, sc in ea st. for 12 sts (36)
  16. Sc in ea sc around (36)
  17. *Sc in sc 4x, sc2tog* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (30)
  18. *Sc in sc 3x, sc2tog* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (24)
  19. *Sc in sc 2x, sc2tog* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (18)
  20. *Sc in sc 1x, sc2tog* Repeat * to * a total of 6 times (12) – Stuff firmly.
  21. Sc2tog 6x. FO and sew up by threading through flo’s of the last 6sts, and pulling firmly.  

Beak: With orange, MC, ch3, 5dc in MC, ss to top of ch3. Leave a length of yarn and sew onto duck onto row 6, keeping the MC facing out (attaching the top of the dc’s to the duck). 

If desired, finish duckling by making a chain in any desired color and tying into a bow at the neck, or use a ribbon.

And that’s it! A super quick little ducky that’s sure to be an instant hit with the kiddos!



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