Tunisian CAL – Weeks 7 and 8

Took a short hiatus from the Tunisian updates, but we are back with a vengeance and ready to show off the next two new stitches in the CAL: the rib stitch and the top stitch!  It is always remarkable to me how different each stitch looks with just a simple change in hook placement. These two fabrics could not be more different.

In Kaila’s opinion the rib stitch is far superior to the knit stitch. But as we all know, Kaila is biased, and her opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. 😊 That being said, the rib stitch creates a beautiful pattern similar to the knit stitch only slightly more spaced out. While it was a bit fiddly to learn the Tunisian twisted stitch which makes up the left hand side (for us right-handed crocheters) of the rib, once you get the hang of it, it works up quick! I think the thing I like most about this stitch is that the pattern, although bold, is very uniform and I think it would be awesome to do some color work with this stitch. It would allow the colors to be the focus while adding a nice dimension to the fabric. There is a little curl to the fabric, but not too bad and can certainly be corrected easily with blocking. Overall, this stitch will be used again by both of us!

The top stitch was a breeze to learn. I think I did the sample within an hour.  This stitch creates an angled bias that was…interesting. I think with blocking it can be fixed and Kaila had a great idea about switching up the pattern every 3rd or 4th row to compensate for the bias. I think it will make for a nice future blog as we investigate ways of using this stitch without the bias. The fabric created is light and airy. I think it would be beautiful as a summer beach wrap and, spoiler alert, you may see this as a back in one of Kaila’s future patterns. Be on the look out for these projects as we improve our Tunisian skills!

This week also represents the halfway point in the CAL. I think we both feel that our edges are getting straighter (well, my starting corner of the rib stitch was a bit wonky, but in general…) and the struggle with tension is rarely noted by either of us, which is exciting!! If you haven’t yet, head over to KnitterKnotter.com to get started on this Tunisian Sampler Blanket. You won’t regret it!

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Happy Monday!

All the crochet love,


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