Tunisian CAL – Weeks 9 and 10

The two samples we made this week include the ‘X’ stitch and Mori Lace.

The ‘x’ stitch is two simple stitches, one crossing over the other. While it is a cool fabric, it pulls sideways and works up tight. Both Kaila and I had issues with the width. She measured her sample as ¾” difference between other squares and I haven’t dared to measure mine yet, but it is at least that much of a difference, if not more. I think next time I try this stitch, I am going to have to go several sizes up for the hook size to make sure it isn’t as tight. Knitter Knotter also recommended alternating the x’s so they do not sit one atop the other and I think I will try that next time too to see if the sideways pull can be corrected a bit. We’ll see how blocking impacts both of our samples, but I think I see some reworking in both of our futures…it will be worth it in the end!!

We finally got to a lace pattern! Kaila and I have been anticipating a Tunisian lace and it did not disappoint! While mine is still a work in progress (see pictures), I can tell after only 2 repeats that I am going to love the lace pattern. It is so quick to work up too, which I was not expecting, but is a huge plus! Kaila is already inspired to buy some Tunisian in the round hooks in order to make a project in this stitch. It may include a really cool butterfly pattern so stay tuned in to see what she decides to make. I am imagining what this stitch would look like with lace weight yarn and bead work. I think it would be a beautiful fabric overlay for a dress or skirt. We may have a few more patterns coming your way soon, if we can ever make it through the ever expanding to do list!

As the CAL progresses to more intricate stitches, I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring for the samples! Next week will be a by week as we wait for the next two sets of sample stitches to be released. Maybe we will be sharing a puff stitch next time?? (please let there be a puff stitch, please let there be a puff stitch, please let there be a puff stitch!)

For more samples of our work, follow us on Instagram: @springintofalldesigns

For more information on the CAL or to start making the samples, visit KnitterKnotter.com.

Thanks for joining us!

All the crochet love,


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