Tunisian CAL: Weeks 11 – 14

As we near the end of this crochet along, we have really seen some interesting stitches!!

Week 11: Tunisian Double Crochet.

This stitch was so easy and fun to make. In addition, it is one of stitches that can easily be manipulated to form interesting patterns and stitch work. To prove this point, Kaila designed a pocket scarf using the Tunisian double crochet stitch to form a butterfly pattern.  <—- I included the link to our Etsy page, in case you are interested in purchasing. . . I highly recommend that you do! If you are still progressing on your Tunisian journey, then you should check out this pattern anyway since she also wrote it for regular crochet too!

Week 12: Tunisian Yarn Over Stitch

This stitch is exactly as it sounds. You literally, pull a loop over two Tunisian simple stitches, that’s it. Simple, but beautiful. Unfortunately, no pattern to share for this stitch yet, BUT stay tuned. Kaila and I will both be creating original patterns using multiple Tunisian stitches and this one will be making it’s way into mine for sure!

Week 13: Tunisian Cables

I switched it up for this stitch and only used one strand of yarn instead of two. I figured the cables would be even more difficult with to strands and I am so glad I made that choice! The jury is still out for me if I will make cables in Tunisian again, I think I prefer cables in regular crochet more (Kaila certainly won’t be!) After the second attempt at cables, they turned out alright, but not stellar. I’m willing to see it is a ‘Practice makes perfect’ situation before I write them off entirely. Also, my sample for this is horrendous. I had an absolute brain fart (sorry, but it is the best way to describe it!) and the right hand-side is a complete disaster. Has this ever happened to you? All the mistakes piled up on that side and it wasn’t until after I had finished with the square that I realized what I was doing wrong. Oh, well. You live and you learn, right?!

Week 14: Tunisian Bobble

It wasn’t exactly a puff stitch, but it was close!! I really enjoyed this one. Almost identical to doing a bobble stitch in regular crochet. I also really liked the way that Knitter Knotter wrote this sample pattern. The border of the simple stitches and the off-set of every other row really gave this one a nice texture!  A popcorn stitch could easily be subbed in for this one and it would look just as great!

Overall, I think the last 4 weeks have been a success. I can’t believe we only have two samples left to crochet! Where did the last 14 weeks go?? Summer always does that, you blink, and it is gone. Though you’ll hear no complaints from me. I am Fall after all and I can’t wait for sweaters, pumpkins, apple cider and cooler weather. 😊

We hope you have enjoyed this post. Remember to follow us on Instagram (@springintofalldesigns) and check out KnitterKnotter.com for more awesome Tunisian crochet!

All the crochet love,


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