Tunisian CAL – Weeks 15 and 16

We have come to the end of the Tunisian crochet along, but certainly not the end of this Tunisian crochet adventure!

We ended the CAL by learning extended stitches and the Tunisian Moss stitch.  I had a lot of fun creating a sample of three of the five extended stitches which were presented in the tutorials and I absolutely love how the Moss stitch turned out! Both samples were so easy to work up and, I think, we can now chalk that up to experience!

  • The extended stitches are similar to double crochet, but instead of the yarn over coming before you insert your hook into the row below, the additional loop is added after the first part of the stitch is worked. I don’t know that I am doing the explanation justice and highly recommend visiting KnitterKnotter.com for a more comprehensive explanation (and video tutorials!).  However, I can say that this sample really helped solidify the idea I have for a blanket.
  • The Moss stitch is SO easy. Not an exaggeration.  Since you are crocheting into the chain space on each row, it basically became muscle memory after the first repeat. I say basically, because I did notice a mistake four rows in that I had to go back and correct, but what is crochet without a few mistakes?? The fabric this one creates is beautiful too!

I think we both learned a lot during the last four months, I know I certainly have. I feel much more confident in my ability to read Tunisian patterns and how to maintain tension. It was only a few weeks ago when the greatest achievement we had to brag about in Tunisian was to make an actual square! Now Kaila has written and is successfully selling her own pattern.  I would call that an absolute success.

I don’t know how long the CAL will be available to viewing, so I recommend checking it out before Knitter Knotter moves on to another fabulous project!  Kaila and I hope to have our own Tunisian blanket patterns to share soon! Like true rebels, we won’t be stitching together our squares for the blanket and will be writing our own blanket patterns for you to try! Don’t worry though, I will be using all the sample squares as wash clothes! We don’t waste good yarn.

We hope you enjoyed this CAL adventure and that it inspired you to jump on the Tunisian train with us. For more of our work, check out our Instagram @springintofalldesigns and, if you are interested in pattern testing for us, join our tester group on Facebook: Spring into Fall Patterns and Inspirations.

Thank you for joining us!

All the crochet love,


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