HDSS Fall Basket

Hey there! I recently discovered a crochet stitch called the Half Double Slip Stitch. So, to practice with it, I designed a cute little fall basket! I really like this stitch, and it adds a cool dimension to your work. You might even find me incorporating it in some sweaters!

This little fall basket is super cute. I used #6 (super bulky) yarn and a 9mm hook. It not only works up super fast, but if you use some cute fall colored yarn, you can use it for an apple basket or to keep your fall wip’s in! You can also try t-shirt yarn and it’ll be a bit more sturdy!

Here’s what you need:

#6 yarn – about 100 yards total; I used two different colors, but you can do it all with one, or with scrap yarn and make a rainbow!

9mm hook – gauge not important

Pattern written in US terminology

Finished Measurements: 12” x 4” x 4”


Ch: Chain

HDSS: Half Double Slip Stitch (With one loop on the hook, YO, insert hook into stitch. YO, pull thru all loops, leaving one loop on the hook.)

BLO: Back Loop Only

Sts: StitchesFO: Finish Off

This basket is made in the round, and you will NOT be joining after each round, only at the color change.  You may want to keep a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round.  Be sure to move it each round.

So, without further ado, the HDSS Fall Basket:


Round 1: In second chain from the hook, 2HDSS. HDSS in ea ch across. 3 HDSS in last ch. Along the other side of the chain, HDSS in ea ch. HDSS in same ch as first st. (40 sts)

Round 2: 2HDSS in first two sts. HDSS 17 sts. 2HDSS in ea of next 3 sts. HDSS 17 sts. 2HDSS in last st. (46 sts)

Round 3: *HDSS. 2HDSS* twice. HDSS 17 sts. *HDSS. 2HDSS* 3 times. HDSS 18 sts. 2HDSS. (52 sts)

Round 4: *HDSS. HDSS. 2HDSS* twice. HDSS 17 sts. *HDSS. HDSS. 2HDSS* 3 times. HDSS 19 sts. 2HDSS. (58 sts)

Round 5: *HDSS 3 sts. 2HDSS* twice. HDSS 17 sts. *HDSS 3 sts. 2HDSS.* 3 times. HDSS 20 sts. 2HDSS. (64 sts)

Round 6: *HDSS 4 sts. 2HDSS* twice. HDSS 17 sts. *HDSS 4 sts. 2HDSS.* 3 times. HDSS 21 sts. 2HDSS. (70 sts)

Round 7: In BLO, HDSS around. (70 sts)

Rounds 8-14: HDSS around. FO. (70 sts)

Round 15: In same st, attach contrast color. HDSS around. (70 sts)

Round 16: HDSS around. (70 sts)

Round 17: HDSS 12 sts. Ch8. Skip 7. HDSS 28 sts. Ch8. Skip 7. HDSS 16 sts. (72 sts)

Round 18: HDSS in each st and each chain. FO. (72 sts)

If you have any questions regarding this or any pattern, please don’t hesitate to email springintofalldesigns@gmail.com.  We’d also love to see your finished work! Please tag @springintofalldesigns on your Instagram posts and tag us on Ravelry at Springintofall!  You can also stay up to date by following our blog: springintofall.design.blog!

This pattern is the property of Kaila Osborn of Spring into Fall Designs.  Please do not share or publish this pattern in part or in whole; it is for personal use only. If selling finished products made from this pattern, please give proper credit to Spring into Fall Designs as the pattern designer. 

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