This is a must have for your thanksgiving table! A quick tiny maple leaf that can easily be chained together to make a quick fall garland!

This week I really wanted a quick little make for you all! I saw Red Heart’s Unforgettable in color Sunset, and I couldn’t get over how perfect that yarn would be for fall leaves. Thus, the Mini Maple Leaf Garland was born! It’s a simple string of tiny maple leaves, and it really shows off those wonderful fall colors!


Red Heart Unforgettable (color Sunset) – or any #4 yarn

4.5mm hook

Pattern written in US terms.

Size: Each leaf is approximately 1” across.


Round 1: Sl st in 3rd chain from the hook, forming a small loop.

Round 2: Turn. 5sc in the loop just made. Sl st into the same chain as the sl st in Round 1.

Round 3: Turn. *All in same st: (Sl st, ch1, hdc, dc, ch1, sl in top of the dc just made to form picot, hdc).* Repeat * to * for 3 total sts. In EACH of the last 2 sts in the round: (Sl st, ch1, hdc, ch1, sl st in top of hdc just made to form a picot, dc, hdc.). 

Round 4: Sl st into the same chain as the sl st in Rounds 1 and 2. Sl st 4 back along starting chain. 

To make into a garland: Chain 15 in between leaves until desired length. When desired length, sl st back along chains, skipping the leaves, until back to first chain. 

If you have any questions regarding this or any pattern, please don’t hesitate to email  We’d also love to see your finished work! Please tag @springintofalldesigns on your Instagram posts and tag us on Ravelry at Springintofall!  You can also stay up to date by following our blog:!

This pattern is the property of Kaila Osborn of Spring into Fall Designs.  Please do not share or publish this pattern in part or in whole; it is for personal use only. If selling finished products made from this pattern, please give proper credit to Spring into Fall Designs as the pattern designer. 

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