Butterflies and Daisies Pocket Shawl

I’ve officially jumped on the pocket shawl bandwagon, BUT I’ve done it in my own way. This pocket shawl is lightweight and lacy. The butterflies flying up from each pocket are reminiscent of an entire flock of them flying from flower to flower, and the lovely intarsia/colorwork daisies add a fun floral dimension to the shawl. 

I’ve created an original butterfly-stitch Tunisian design, which I’ve introduced here, but since I know a lot of people do not crochet in Tunisian, I’ve also included a regular crochet version in the SAME PATTERN.

You can find the pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy!


If made out of cotton yarn, as I suggest, you’ll have a lovely light pocket shawl in no time at all! I used Comfy Cotton Blend (up to 800 yards) and this lightweight pocket shawl is perfect for a fun spring day! 


This pocket shawl came from my desire to work a little Tunisian magic. Every once in a while I try to design something new. This was the result of my first (but not my last!) foray into tunisian design! If you are new to Tunisian, and want to give it a try, I’ve included picture instructions for the two Tunisian double crochet stitches, as well as some images of the butterfly motif at different rows, so a Tunisian novice should still be fine. 

Of course, Tunisian isn’t for everybody, so I also wrote it in regular crochet. The colorwork daisy also adds a bit of fun to this floral design!


This pocket shawl is made in rows as a simple rectangle, and the lacy edge added in rounds. The pockets are made separately and sewn on. The finished item (one size) will measure 16″ by 60″, blocked, and should fit most. 


DK Yarn in two colors (I used Comfy Cotton Blend): up to 800 yards total

6mm Tunisian hook AND a regular 6mm crochet hook

Finished measurements: 16” by 60” blocked

Gauge: 15 sts and 7 rows is 4” in dc

You can find the pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy!

As always you are welcome to reach out if you have any questions about the pattern.  Once the pattern is purchased, you may sell your finished items, as long as you give credit to me as the designer. I can be found on Instagram @springintofalldesigns, and Ravelry as SpringintoFall. Also check out my blog at SpringintoFall.design.blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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