Rose Garden Purse

My next creation is a little bit different. Today I get to introduce you to the Rose Garden Purse. This purse was a natural continuation of the Rose Garden Tee, a recently published colorwork knit. The matching purse is crocheted, and the instructions come in two ways: colorwork and cross-stitch. 

You can find the pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy


For this purse I used a Bernat Home Maker Dec yarn. Each bag uses just under 50g, so with one big ball, I made both purses! You’ll also need scrap cotton yarn for the rose and leaves. Less than 25 yards of each color should be sufficient. I used worsted for the colorwork roses, and doubled a DK for the cross-stitch version! 

In addition, you’ll need purse handles and a purse bottom. I used an oval purse base, 8”x4”, with 52 holes. The handles were wooden, with an 8” straight attachment. If you use a purse base with more or fewer holes, you can adjust the first round by simply crocheting the proper number of stitches in the number of holes you have. 


The inspiration for this purse started, like I mentioned, with the recently released “Rose Garden Tee”. I wanted a purse, not necessarily to match, but I wanted something floral! I already had the purse bottoms, but when I found the handles and realized the cutouts resembled leaves on a vine, I knew the combination was meant to be!


This purse is simply made. You start with the number of stitches indicated (which you may have to adjust how many stitches you place in each hole, depending on how many holes your purse base has), and you work sc’s in the round until the handles, which I explain how best to center. If you choose the colorwork option, I suggest that you drop the yarn and pull it back to the start of each colowork row, and you can crochet over the carried yarn in the next round to tack it down. That way there’s no need for lining the bag (which is sometimes necessary, but I hate to sew, so I avoid it at all costs!)


Purse bottom – Pictured: oval, 8” by 4”, with 52 holes- You can purchase them on Amazon, HERE!

Purse handles – Pictured: wooden, with an 8” straight attachment point- You can purchase them on Amazon, HERE!

Bernat Home Maker Dec Yarn – Each bag uses 50g

Scrap cotton yarn for rose and leaves – less than 25 yards each color

            I used a worsted for the colorwork roses, and doubled a dk for the cross-stitch roses.

Stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each round. 

4.5mm hook

Tapestry needle

Size: Purse measures 8” (wide) x 4” (deep) x 6” (tall)

Gauge: 4 sc and 4 rows in 1” square

You can find this pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy!

As always you are welcome to reach out if you have any questions about the pattern.  Once the pattern is purchased, you may sell your finished items, as long as you give credit to me as the designer. I can be found on Instagram @springintofalldesigns, and Ravelry as SpringintoFall. Also check out my blog at I’d love to hear from you!

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