Hibiscus Baskets

Hey all! Today I’m continuing with the floral theme, and introducing the Hibiscus Baskets. This is a FREE pattern, and features the hibiscus flowers that I’m SO in love with! 

You can download the pattern on Ravelry for a small fee! 


Both of these baskets use worsted yarn. You can use any worsted yarn, in two colors, tho I suggest using cotton so that the flowers block well. I used Premier Home Cotton (see below for colors and amounts for each basket). This cotton is economical, and it worked up well into these adorable baskets. For the large basket, I worked with worsted yarn held triple. Because of this, it worked up like a bulky yarn, and the large basket was made in no time! That makes it perfect for a last-minute gift, or home décor item. 


You know I love my florals. I needed a holder for some of my hooks, and I figured, what better to incorporate than my favorite hibiscus lace?! So we have the hat, the tee, and now the baskets! We’ll see if these flowers have more to offer!  


These baskets work up quick. Starting in the center base of the basket, you work out and up, and the lace is worked directly on it. There’s no seaming, and you work in continuous rounds until the very end! 


Any worsted (#4) yarn, in two colors, preferably cotton. I used Premier Home Cotton (see below for colors and amounts for each basket).

Pattern written in US terms.

Small Basket: 3” diameter, 3.75” tall

         Gauge: 11 rows and 9 sts of sc in 2”

         4mm hook

         1 ball each color, Pastel Pink and Fuscia

Large Basket: 5” diameter, 4” tall

         Gauge: 5 rows and 4 sts of sc in 2”

         9mm hook

         2 balls Cornflower, 1 ball White


Sc: Single crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

Wc: Waistcoat Stitch

Tr2tog-clust: treble 2 together cluster stitch.

Special Stitches:

Flower: [tr2tog-clust, ch3, sc, ch3], repeat [ to ] 4x, tr2tog-clust

Standing treble: Insert hook into stitch, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull thru 2. Insert hook into left-most vertical bar just made, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull thru 2. Insert hook into left-most vertical bar just made, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull thru 2. Visit this link for a picture tutorial: https://springintofall.design.blog/2022/02/25/standing-treble-crochet-stitch/

Work in continuous rounds. The final round of the lace is the only round where you will do a join.

Small Basket: 

R1: 6 sc in Magic Circle using Main color.

R2: 2sc around—12 sc

R3: *Sc, 2sc, repeat from * around—18 sc

R4: *Sc in 2, 2sc, repeat from * around—24 sc

R5: *Sc in 3, 2sc, repeat from * around—30 sc

R6: *Sc in 4, 2sc, repeat from * around—36 sc

R7: *Sc in 5, 2sc, repeat from * around—42 sc

R8: *Sc in 6, 2sc, repeat from * around—48 sc

R9: Sl st around in front loops only—48 sl st

R10: Sc around in unused back loops from previous row—48 sc

R11-R12: Wc around—48 wc

R13: Sl st around—48 sl st

R14: Sc around in same stitches worked in previous row—48 sc

R15-16: Wc around—48 wc

Repeat R13-R16 until R32 or desired height (being sure to end on the second Wc round).

R33: Sl st around in back loops only—48 sl st

FO. Attach accent color for lace. 

Lace R1: Turn (when folded down, the lace you currently are working should be facing out). *Sc in 4, (ch 7, sl st in 4th ch from the hook, ch3), skip 5, sc in 3, repeat from * around—28 sc, 4 ch3 loops

Lace R2: *Sl st in back loop of 4 sts, Flower in ch3 loop, sl st in back loop of 3, repeat from * around—28 sl sts, 4 flowers

Lace R3: Work a standing treble for the first treble of the round. *Tr in back loop, ch2, sc in top of 2nd petal, ch4, sc in top of middle petal, ch4, sc in top of 4th petal, ch2, repeat from * around, join to top of initial standing treble—4 tr, 12 sc

FO. Weave in all ends. 

Large Basket: 

Work with yarn tripled. Follow instructions for Small Basket as follows:

R1-R6—36 sts

R9-20—36 sts

R33—36 sts

Lace R1-3—3 repeats, so 3 flowers

FO. Weave in all ends. 

You can download this pattern on Ravelry for a small fee!

If you have any questions regarding this or any pattern, please don’t hesitate to email springintofalldesigns@gmail.com.  We’d also love to see your finished work! Please tag @springintofalldesigns on your Instagram posts and tag us on Ravelry at Springintofall!  You can also stay up to date by following our blog: springintofall.design.blog!

This pattern is the property of Kaila Osborn of Spring into Fall Designs.  Please do not share or publish this pattern in part or in whole; it is for personal use only. If selling finished products made from this pattern, please give proper credit to Spring into Fall Designs as the pattern designer. 


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