Adventures in Crochet

The capacity to learn is a gift…the willingness to learn is a choice. – Brian Herbert


This is a special stitch that I’m using for the bottom of a chevron. It’s basically a regular tr5tog stitch, but you’re skipping a stitch between every “leg” of each tr. Check it out below to see what I mean! Starting point will be any stitch of treble height. This doesn’t necessarily have to beContinue reading “Tr5tog-special”

Long Loop Stitch

This is a favorite stitch of mine. It’s called the “Long Loop Stitch” and it’s basically like doing broomstick lace, but without the need for a dowl! This stitch is worked over four stitches, and it creates the most beautiful lace. Once you see what incredible texture you can create with this stitch, you won’tContinue reading “Long Loop Stitch”


Hi there! For our first post, we decided to go a bit out of the box and discuss our experiences with felting. I know, most first blog posts are about how to physically crochet, how to perform different stitches, or something similar. But we’re going to write about whatever we’re doing at the time. AndContinue reading “Felting!”

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