This is a must have for your thanksgiving table! A quick tiny maple leaf that can easily be chained together to make a quick fall garland! This week I really wanted a quick little make for you all! I saw Red Heart’s Unforgettable in color Sunset, and I couldn’t get over how perfect that yarnContinue reading “MINI MAPLE LEAF”

HDSS Fall Basket

Hey there! I recently discovered a crochet stitch called the Half Double Slip Stitch. So, to practice with it, I designed a cute little fall basket! I really like this stitch, and it adds a cool dimension to your work. You might even find me incorporating it in some sweaters! This little fall basket isContinue reading “HDSS Fall Basket”

Halloween Snowy Owl

Inspired by my love for both all things Harry Potter and Halloween, let me introduce to you the Halloween Snowy Owl. Cute and fluffy, this patterns works up quick and was so fun to make. I hope it brings joy to your home and a little bit of magic! Pattern written in US terminology WorkedContinue reading “Halloween Snowy Owl”

Love All Around Baby Beanie

Today I’ve decided to share a part of the pattern for the Love All Around Beanie. You can find the pattern for the BABY version below, but if you’d like to make one for the whole family and get the pattern in ALL SIZES (ranging from Baby to Adult!), check it out at my EtsyContinue reading “Love All Around Baby Beanie”

Puff Circle Clutch/Wristlet/Cross-Body Bag

This is such a fun little clutch! I really love just being able to take a small bag with me when I need to go somewhere, and this one is perfect for a quick trip to the store! Just throw your phone, keys, and wallet in and you’re good to go! Also, this circle patternContinue reading “Puff Circle Clutch/Wristlet/Cross-Body Bag”

Tiny Turtle Amigurumi Keychain

So, it’s no surprise that I love turtles. After the octopus, it’s my favorite marine animal. My daughter has a big pink stuffed turtle that she latched on to at the aquarium one day, and she snuggles it so much at bedtime! So I decided to make a small amigurumi turtle – but all theContinue reading “Tiny Turtle Amigurumi Keychain”

Red Pikmin

So I originally made these adorable little Pikmin for a friend of mine who was thinking of using them as a crib mobile. Not sure if they’re ever going to be used in that fashion, but if not, they’re still the cutest little flowering aliens ever! In case you never heard of them before, PikminContinue reading “Red Pikmin”

Big Octopus Pillow Pet

It’s no secret that my favorite marine animal is the octopus. They’re just so smart! I got my daughter the Inky the Octopus picture book, and we love to read it at bedtime! Plus you hear stories about how an octopus knew it was being drawn, so it adopted artistic poses every 5 mins, orContinue reading “Big Octopus Pillow Pet”

Big Elephant Pillow Pet

It’s the elephant’s turn to become a pillow pet! A while back I saw an amazingly detailed elephant pillow pet. It was totally different, made with thin yarn, the ears were a virus pattern I think, etc. It wasn’t a TOY, it was a nursery statement piece. But I wanted a chunky yarn version soContinue reading “Big Elephant Pillow Pet”

Long Loops Toddler Sunhat (3T-4T)

Finally, the third part of the Toddler set is here! The set is complete, and now you can make the sunhat! When I was a child I got sunburned – a LOT. So I’ve been trying to keep my child safe in the sun, which means staying in the shade, applying lots of sunscreen, andContinue reading “Long Loops Toddler Sunhat (3T-4T)”