Windows to the Soul – A Mommy and Me SET!!

With fun cutouts in a lovely wave pattern, this top is sure to be a staple in your fall and winter wardrobes!  The simple hdc bodice works up fast, and is form fitted, for every body type! This yoke top blouse works up seamlessly, and the simple body stitches work up nice and fast. You canContinue reading “Windows to the Soul – A Mommy and Me SET!!”

Brave Bronto Kids Unisex Sweater

This is the Brave Bronto Kids Unisex Sweater! I recently realized something: nearly every crochet children’s item I see is for girls. But two of my really good friends just had boys, and I wanted to make sure they had something special! And since I consider dinosaurs to be unisex, this is a fun unisexContinue reading “Brave Bronto Kids Unisex Sweater”

Tunisian CAL: Weeks 11 – 14

As we near the end of this crochet along, we have really seen some interesting stitches!! Week 11: Tunisian Double Crochet. This stitch was so easy and fun to make. In addition, it is one of stitches that can easily be manipulated to form interesting patterns and stitch work. To prove this point, Kaila designedContinue reading “Tunisian CAL: Weeks 11 – 14”

Tunisian CAL – Weeks 9 and 10

The two samples we made this week include the ‘X’ stitch and Mori Lace. The ‘x’ stitch is two simple stitches, one crossing over the other. While it is a cool fabric, it pulls sideways and works up tight. Both Kaila and I had issues with the width. She measured her sample as ¾” differenceContinue reading “Tunisian CAL – Weeks 9 and 10”