Long Loops Toddler Skirt (3T-4T)

Part 2 of the Toddler set is here!!! The skirt I think is my favorite piece of the set. It’s light and airy, and perfect for summer and spring.  It has lots of big holes for air, but still covers a diaper or little undie, and it flounces very prettily when your little one runs around!  It’sContinue reading “Long Loops Toddler Skirt (3T-4T)”

Tulip Bouquet Tote Bag

Hey guys! It’s TUESDAY, so that means it’s time for a new free pattern! I particularly like this one, cause it’s the epitome of spring. I mean, who can resist a bag with little bouquets of tulips all around? Plus, my favorite thing about this bag – it’s totally a scrap buster. Make the flowersContinue reading “Tulip Bouquet Tote Bag”

Long Loops Toddler Tee (3T-4T)

Hey everybody!  This is the first in a set of 3 toddler long loop patterns.  I’ve started with the shirt, cause the long loop stitch can be difficult to get used to, and by doing it a couple times on the base of this shirt, you’ll be more than ready to take on the skirt and sunhat.Continue reading “Long Loops Toddler Tee (3T-4T)”

Long Loop Shell Tote Bag

Hey there! This week has been absolutely insane. I’m potty training my toddler and even tho it’s been easier than I thought it would be, I’m definitely on my last nerve. Have you noticed that nobody ever talks about potty training kids that don’t talk? You want to know why? Cause it’s HARD. My daughterContinue reading “Long Loop Shell Tote Bag”

Long Loop Shell Sunhat – Free Pattern!

Hey! Spring here, again, with ANOTHER free pattern! This one is for a lovely cotton sunhat, adult size. (Check back later for a toddler version!) I used Caron Cotton Cakes in white, and I really love Caron cotton yarn for all spring crochet work. I just made a tee with it, and even tho theContinue reading “Long Loop Shell Sunhat – Free Pattern!”

Darling Duckling – Free Amigurumi Pattern!

Hey! Spring here! It’s my birthday today, and as my gift to all of you I’m not only starting to blog again, but I’m also giving you. TWO FREE PATTERNS!! This. first pattern is an adorable duckling amigurumi. Should be super easy for any level crocheter. Now, this pattern hasn’t been tested, so if youContinue reading “Darling Duckling – Free Amigurumi Pattern!”