Long Loops Toddler Sunhat (3T-4T)

Finally, the third part of the Toddler set is here! The set is complete, and now you can make the sunhat! When I was a child I got sunburned – a LOT. So I’ve been trying to keep my child safe in the sun, which means staying in the shade, applying lots of sunscreen, andContinue reading “Long Loops Toddler Sunhat (3T-4T)”

Long Loop Shell Sunhat – Free Pattern!

Hey! Spring here, again, with ANOTHER free pattern! This one is for a lovely cotton sunhat, adult size. (Check back later for a toddler version!) I used Caron Cotton Cakes in white, and I really love Caron cotton yarn for all spring crochet work. I just made a tee with it, and even tho theContinue reading “Long Loop Shell Sunhat – Free Pattern!”